Big Sur Garden Gallery

One-of-a-kind art and craft from Big Sur and the California central coast. Pre-loved unique and designer clothing. Shop small. Shop local. Shop Garden Gallery.

The Big Sur Garden Gallery opened in a former greenhouse at Loma Vista Gardens in 1998, the collaborative project of three local women who embodied the free spirit and artistic vision of the beautiful, enigmatic, rugged Big Sur coast. In its nearly two decades of operation it has always been female-owned, housing countless treasures from Big Sur and all around the world.

Proprietress Ivy LaVelle purchased the Garden Gallery in 2013. In its current incarnation, the intimate little shop is focused on supporting Big Sur, Monterey Peninsula and central California Coast artists and craftspeople. Soaps, perfumes, oils, and bodycare products are handmade in small batches. Jewelry, hairpieces, and other adornments are one-of-a-kind and often use locally-sourced materials. New and vintage clothing, accessories, and textiles are either handmade by, or sourced from the personal collections of, local residents. An ever-changing selection of painting, photography and sculpture by central coast fine artists hangs on the walls beneath the translucent greenhouse roof.

Photo by Ivy LaVelle

Photo by Ivy LaVelle

For truly distinctive souvenirs and keepsakes that both speak to the spirit and support local artisans, be sure to stop by the Garden Gallery at Loma Vista on your next visit to Big Sur!